Unleash Your Sexual Godhood In The Bedroom: The Drills-based Mastery Course

Learn How To Give Your Woman The Deep Sexual Experiences She Craves. Become The Object Of Her Sexual Obsession No Matter Your Past Experience, Size, Or Medical History

"She's cried during sex on two different occasions. This is the good kind of crying, the kind of crying where she's so overflowing with emotion that she has no choice. Mind you all of this is happening as she's riding me lmao!"
- Derek ME Alumni

"Things I've heard: "I love being your sex slave", "it feels like getting devoured", "I've only ever been like this [sexually wild] with you", "your sexual prowess is intimidating" "I was used to sex being gentle, I didn't realise how much I craved rough sex", " I love how you take so much control", "[after sex] now I know why you're so cocky," "my friend accidentally saw what you texted me, at least now she knows how well fucked I am.

Since being through MensExpose' training, I'm that sexual experience that brings to life women's secret fantasies, and they don't have to say a word. It's because I know the difference between sex and Sex, what a women needs to be thinking and feeling to get aroused, and it is an art. I'm sexually skilled and versatile, I have intimacy, dirty talk, rough and soft touching, a lot of control over a girls body and when she orgasms. Get women so turned on by sexual teasing and then denying them, slowly burning them, having her submit to your control over her and beg for you because she can't take it anymore. I can turn her mood around from not being interested to pulling my belt off after a few statements that I'll take her when I want and what I'm going to do to her, or in what fantasy situation.
Taylor -ME Alumni- Read Full Review HERE
"Drills have been solid and no longer feel awkward. My sexual verbal flows are nowhere near my normal ones but been working on it. Have been talking way more than usual with focus on ownership, sexual dichotomoy, and temporal/possessive framing. I imagine that the more I get into this state during sex, the more natural, creative, and kinkier it will get. Shes obviously really digging it and you can tell shes loving getting fucked this way. Honestly simply by talking more during sex it's had a weird influence on me in that I've been getting more dominant, confident, and experimental with strokes naturally. Was fucking her standing up, her lying down on the bed today and working my hips in a figure eight while I was thrusting and she nearly lost it and started begging me to keep fucking her that way. Marked change in her reactions before, during, and after sex.
Joseph -ME Alumni (Two weeks into program)
"Wow this is out of control. Thanks man. This is invaluable."
James -ME Alumni
Girls masturbate to my sex texts, I sometimes write them fantasy scenarios in which I fuck her, or what I will be doing to her later this evening. I get a lot of enjoyment out of pleasing women, I've gone to lengths to make a girl orgasm 11 times in one night, I've sexually liberated a married women. It's needless to say, hearing "i've never been fucked like that before", is common."
Tristan -ME Alumni
Thats why your drills were awesome, they really embed what you learn so that it's not just some theory you know about, it actually becomes a part of you. Like when im talking to chicks now and pulling them etc the stuff im saying and doing and how im speaking is so far different to how I used to be that I can't even comprehend behaving in any other way now, it would just be unnatural.
Daniel -ME Alumni- Read Full Review HERE